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Who is Miltown Vicious?

No one has more heart than the people who live in the city of Milwaukee. The rappers, artists, business owners, barbers, lawyers, activists, real estate moguls, educators, bartenders and severs, the traditional nine-to-fivers, the "forever student" dropping knowledge, the sneaker heads, podcasters, bloggers, your favorite DJ. We work down to our bare knuckles, we hustle for the next dollar, and we create our next come up. No one gets it done better than someone from the Mil.

This apparel line bears our heart and shows off our city pride. Pride for the people raised here, for the people who attended MPS, for the people who left and serve as our city ambassadors in places like Houston, L.A., Atlanta, New York, even Paris. This is for the people who stayed and make this city a better place. 

Miltown Vicious is for us. Vicious because we have nerve. Vicious because we stop at nothing to attain achievement. Vicious, because we are ferocious in our pursuit of a better life.

Milwaukee is our heart. The good, the bad, and the cultured. And if anyone tries to challenge you in that, just point to your heart and humbly remind them that you're Miltown Vicious.